A friend of mine shared with me this video not so long ago and I just love it so much. It is about an India couple, who are tea sellers and have modest earnings, yet they pursue their dreams and travel the world.

I am just so impressed with their story, their journey and the way uncleji (uncleji is the respectful way to address a male elder in India) talks like a true philosopher.

Many people don’t understand why and how I can spend so much time on the road, how I just constantly want to go see new places and have new experiences. Being a female in an Asian country, I have to face a lot of family expectations and responsibilities. But living in routines and traditional lifestyle is not what I want.

Many people spend their lives pursuing materialistic values or climbing career ladders, with the delusions that money will buy them happiness and comfort. Many people follow the paths others set up for them without once questioning about it. People are scared of pursuing their dreams; they’re scared of failures, rejections, and judgments and they hide their fears and insecurities in the superficial convenience, false security and shallow meaningless societal status.

Like uncleji, I have a burning desire to see the world and experience life in new lands. Now I have given up trying to explain myself because it is true just like he said:

All the places that I have gone to, or I have seen, or the knowledge I gained are my own possessions. I will take them with me when I pass on. Those are the feelings that only I can cherish. You won’t be able to understand nor can I explain it to you.

Traveling has enriched my soul, expanded my comfort zone and broadened my understanding of not only new lands but of people, of life. I try to open my mind and my heart for new adventures, challenging experiences. I try to see things as a curious observer, from the perspective of an owl, not to judge but to see things as they are.

No matter how much you try, you cannot stop the waves of the sea.

And it is not just about traveling. It is more like a way of life: whether you choose to rot in routines and a so-called stable life, or you choose to do what makes you happy and feel alive.

So why not follow the waves of the sea?

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Posted by:Hanh Lam

I am a young Vietnamese woman with a passion for development work and social change, a desire to explore the world and a love for storytelling.

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