The trend of minimalism

Minimalism has been a trend over these recent years and the number of minimalists is on the rise. I wonder why. I think it is because more and more people are starting to realize that excessive consumption doesn’t really make them happy.

All those fancy clothes, latest gadgets, big condos and modern conveniences, etc. are supposed to make us happier and our lives easier.

But really, it makes us feel like we are being consumed by those things that we consume.

Personally, I am tired of having to change my phones or laptop after a couple of years even they are still perfectly usable, simply because they simply aren’t compatible anymore with the newest OS or the latest version of a software/application.

I used to have a hardcore Nokia that I used for nearly 10 years; black and white, only calls and texts, no social media notification, no emails, no chat apps, etc. And I am tired of all the relentless display of advertisements and media broadcasting everywhere and 24/7 non-stop. Oh those simple days.

When less is more

I think people are feeling so distant and disconnected with themselves, with nature, with their true values, with what is really important to them. All those things that people buy, all those advertisements and media are creating a false security that you’d be happy, that possession will help you fill in the emptiness and unhappiness and solve the problems and drama in your life.

But the truth is, happiness never lies in those things.

Happiness comes from gratitude for small, simple things in life, from meaningful, healthy relationship, and most of all, from within yourself. Minimalism allows people to clear out the distractions and unnecessary things in their life to realize what is really important to them.

Fewer possessions, less time spent on social network, media, less modern conveniences, etc., it all means so much more. You will start to notice little things around you that you haven’t noticed, maybe a kind gesture when crossing the street, or maybe a beautiful wildflower on the pavement.

It means more time to spend time with real people in real life, face to face, to build up your meaningful relationships. More time to pursue your hobby, your passion. More time to develop yourself, pay attention to your health and exercise.

You will also save more money and you can use it to maybe travel, open your mind and experience new cultures and meet people with different mindsets; they will intrigue you, challenge you, and change you. Or maybe, you can use that money to do something good, donate to a charity or NGOs.

Minimalism helps you see past all the distractions and distorted filters created by society and media about what makes you happy, to help you see what REALLY, TRULY makes you happy. You will have more time and space to explore, discover, learn, reflect, and pursue and focus on what is meaningful and important to you.

And most of all, you will get to live, appreciate and experience your beautiful life.

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Posted by:Hanh Lam

I am a young Vietnamese woman with a passion for development work and social change, a desire to explore the world and a love for storytelling.

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