Once in a while, I deactivate my Facebook account, disable all notifications on my phone. I don’t really go on the internet unless it is for work or I need to answer emails. I don’t even turn on the TV. Instead, I use that time to read, write, play music, go for walks, meet up with friends or family, or learn something new.

In our current modern society, people talk a lot about detoxification of your body, your kidney, liver etc. because of the food we are consuming and how we are consuming food. I think detoxification of the mind is just as important.

The digital age

We are surrounded every day by advertisements and marketing campaigns in all kinds of forms; from ads you see on TV at home, to banners you see on the street, online ads on websites, social networks, etc. To add to that, the way people receive and consume news is a lot different compared to just a decade ago. Newspaper, TV or radio are no longer the main sources of news broadcasting. Nowadays, it’s social network.

But what really bothers me is what is being published and broadcasted on social media or the news. It is either to drive consumption or give false security or mislead opinions. This is happening because big corporations and governments are manipulating the media. Social networks are feeding a generation of narcissists and a bunch of money grabbing websites earning through ads and cheap articles.  Not to mention the sexualization and objectification of women all over the media and the distortion of the truth in the news published.

However, it is not to deny that many more people are starting to discuss global issues like global warming, women empowerment, etc. And thanks to social media and the Internet, information is being spread faster than ever and reaching more people than ever.

Detoxification of the mind

Because we are living in the digital age, surrounded by toxic media everywhere, sometimes we need to detox our mind, give it some time to rest and relax so it doesn’t have to filter all the information bombarding our lives. Allow it to have some peace and quiet. Nurture it with creative activities, meditation, or real social interactions.

Every time I distance myself from social media, the news, etc. I feel a lot more balanced, refreshed and energized. I focus better on whatever I do and I am also more creative. I also feel more connected to people around me as I am not being so distracted and I can be fully present with them.

Positive energy seems to fill my mind and my body and I feel happier. I am also a lot more productive as I don’t waste time or procrastinate by just aimlessly browsing random stuff on the internet. I feel things around me better in peace and tranquility.

And it is not only to detox the mind but also to nurture my mind, my soul, and body. I think it is very important in our modern lives as it helps us connect to ourselves and those around us more, also clears our heads and re-energizes our soul.

After all, it is not only our body that we need to detox and nurture.

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Posted by:Hanh Lam

I am a young Vietnamese woman with a passion for development work and social change, a desire to explore the world and a love for storytelling.

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