Everyone says long distance love is hard, some even say it’s impossible. My partner and I have been fighting the distance for almost 2 years, the time we are apart is a lot more than the time we’re physically together. Ups and downs, tears and laughter, joy and heartache, we have been through it all. Long distance relationship is possible, it’s just not for everyone.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be in a long distance relationship? Your love evolves around messages, late night Skype. The closest you get to feel your partner’s presence is pictures, gifts, stuffed toys… No fancy dates, no movies, no cuddles, etc.

Sometimes, the heartache seems unbearable and you feel like every fiber of your body just craves for a hug from your partner. Time differences, work schedule etc., it all makes it more difficult. Not to mention people around you make you doubtful about your relationship. I can’t count how many times people have said to me: “He’s probably gonna go find someone else nearby.” It hurts, every time.

But we fight nonetheless; because seeing your significant other again feels like an explosion of emotions, unmeasurable happiness and delight. Every second with them is pure joy. And it is all worth it, all the tears you’ve shed, the heartache you’ve borne, it’s all worth it.

More than anything, our long distance love has taught us to treasure each other, to appreciate the smallest things in our relationship. We have learned to be honest, open and vulnerable with each other.

And now thinking back, I think being in a long distance relationship has strengthened our love and established a profound mutual understanding. Because of the distance, we mostly spend time talking with each other, and thus we get to know more about each other, their views, their personalities, etc.

It has been a wonderful journey with my partner this past 2 years. We have developed a beautiful strong bond that is so pure and special. I feel so blessed to have been lucky enough to experience such a love and I look forward to a lot more love and memories we will create in many more years to come <3

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Posted by:Hanh Lam

I am a young Vietnamese woman with a passion for development work and social change, a desire to explore the world and a love for storytelling.

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